Our lips make a BIG statement! From talking, eating, smiling and kissing…. our lips are constantly in motion.  Everyone desires beautiful, supple looking lips and understanding the skin on our lips is key to nurturing and protecting them for the softest of pouts.

Just like the rest of our skin, the lips are made up of three layers of cells. The outer most layer known as the stratum coneum, the epidermis and the dermis. The main difference is that these layers are much thinner in the lips. With three to five cellular layers, this is very thin compared to typical skin on the face, which has up to sixteen layers. This lack of layers allows our blood vessels to show through, giving our lips their beautiful pinkish colour. With the epidermis not containing melanin cells, hair follicles or sweat glands, it leaves lips more vulnerable to moisture loss, along with sensitivities and damage by the environment, with fewer ways to naturally restore the moisture balance.

With winter approaching, here comes sweeping winds, miserable weather and changing temperatures. Shielding your skin from the elements is just as important as ever. Cold, dry weather and an increase use of heaters, are all factors that can leave your lips more susceptible to damage due to moisture loss. This, in turn, leads many people to suffer from dry, cracked and chapped lips in the winter, creating discomfort and at times embarrassment. The fact is, lips are exposed to different conditions every minute of every day and that’s a lot to bear.

So, what’s the solution?

A nourishing natural lip balm that replenishes moisturise and protects lips from further damage.

It’s that simple!

Lips shouldn't crack when you smile or have a dry, dull appearance. That's where a natural lip balm comes in. Using ultra-nourishing ingredients on your lips such as Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E to feed the skin with antioxidants and protect from environmental influences. Natural lip balms add back necessary moisture to replace any natural oils that have been lost and provide a protective layer. This occlusive layer on the lips surface seals moisture in, preventing internal moisture evaporating and protecting them from external exposures.

Dry air, cold temperatures, and wind, all have a drying effect on skin by drawing moisture away from the body. Using a natural lip balm daily helps to restore the skins moisture balance, helping repair and protect the skin from further drying. Our lips go through a lot without us ever realising and providing hydration is a must in order to maintain naturally plump, youthful looking lips.

Lip care is an essential part of our daily skincare routine, although it is often taken into consideration as an afterthought. Using a natural lip balm like our Cocoa + Jojoba Lip Balm seals in moisture, preventing evaporation in changing conditions. They help keep lips moist and protected, enhancing the integrity of the skin barrier, helping to decrease the frequencies of sensitivities and dryness.

Don’t neglect your lips this winter, think about just how much they are exposed to daily. Never forget one of the most stunning parts of your face. Your lips need every bit of care as your overall skin, so always be mindful about applying lip balm before exposing them to any changing condition.

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