This far into isolation and my skin should been glowing! Instead her I am with dull and dry skin. I thought wearing less makeup and having time to focus on my skin care routine would help make my skin look flawless. Instead, it's been the opposite, it feels rough a little itchy and doesn't appear to be responding to isolation positively like I had intended.

So why now is my skin starting to fall apart when I have been so diligent with my routine?

Isolation Skin! 

Our skin is changing due to the influences of our changing lifestyle and mental well-being. As we are all trying to navigate and make sense of a new way of normal in life, be it through work, relationships and daily routines. This impacts our physical and mental health, so there is no wonder our body and skin are feeling kind of confused with all the changes too.

For me, I’m suffering with dry and patchy skin, but for others they may breakout in pimples or rashes. Isolation skin flares can look different on everyone. We do know that there are 3 likely changes we have all made to our recent routines which could be harming the appearance of our skin.

1. Diet

By spending more time at home, we start leaning towards eating comfort foods or fall into the hidden trap of ‘fridge accessibility.’ Boredom can often be a big player when snacking. We all know that what we eat effects the appearance of our skin and its health, maintaining the balance is key.

2. Exercise

Being confined to home, equals less movement and less exercise. Meaning there is less blood flow, reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that are delivered to the skin. Keeping yourself motivated to complete a sweat session is a great way to feed and detox the skin.

3. Stress

Whether known or subconscious, the changes and restrictions to daily living create stress and general anxieties. Stress causes inflammation in the body which can manifest as dry skin, acne or rosacea. Trying sticking to your routines and provide time for yourself to aid in reducing levels of stress.

Understanding the impact these changes to our routine may be having on our skin is a great way to start stretching out of the isolation bubble to help manage the flares associated with your isolation skin. Start building yourself a simple and effective skin care routine that’s gentle on the skin, steering clear of chemical or synethics ingredients that may irritate already fragile, sensitive skin. Understand that this won’t last forever and that everyone is going through changes right now. Show yourself a little self- love.

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