Adding a body oil to your skincare routine is a perfect addition for anyone. They offer an ideal way to keep your skin hydrated, reviving complexion, relaxing your mind and improving your body’s overall health and wellbeing. So why is it that many people shy away from introducing this liquid gold into their routine?

Misconceptions about Body Oils

  1. Many people figure that oil and skin don't mix, thinking that this might leave their bodies feeling greasy. However, may body oils absorb quickly leaving the skin soft and supple and leaving the sheets free of damage.
  2. Oils penetrate and absorb easily because they're nice and light. Yes some oils are light and fast absorbing, they also provide an occlusive layer over the skin holding in the moisture from your previous skincare applications.
  3. It is always thought that unless the skin needs some serious repair, using oil is going to clog pores and cause acne. For many of us this is a myth. Our skin types are all different, and because natural oils are all different, how they each impact on skin can differ dramatically.
  4. Not all oils are they same. Each one has it’s own specific role to play as well as working within a blend to provide its ultimate super power and saviour in your routine.

You should love a body oil because its helps reinforce the barrier function of the skin that helps keep water in, especially when it is dry. Working to prevent any harmful body penetrating the skin surface.

Our Coconut + Macadamia Body Oil’s unique formula penetrates deeply, helping retain moisture and brightening the skins natural glow. Jammed packed full of vitamins and antioxidants it helps smooth and soften, firming the skin. Kicking that rough appearance of cellulite out the window! Our wonderfully scented blend is designed to mimic your body’s barrier layer, protecting the skin and helping reduce dehydration. Best used when the skin is still wet/damp post-shower so that it can lock in all the moisture. The oil gets absorbed into your skin, leaving your feeling super silky and soft.

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